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LEIPZIG   Special: Houseslave training! More details you can find in Specials.
LEIPZIG   Two locations possible: In my private appartement (see new pictures in Gallery) and in addition I have the possibility to do sessions in the SM Bahnhof. See details in Sessions/Encounters.
Important Announcement   To set the record straight:
Until 31 December 2017 you can still session with me in Germany. Primarily in Leipzig but also, in addition, at the Atelier Exposure in Dresden. From 2018 on sessions are only possible in Belgium.

Further details:
Due to newly introduced anti-trafficking legislation, my time in Germany will come to an end on 01 January 2018. My understanding of SM is very personal, never based on sexual satisfaction.. I am a lady who is neither touchable nor who has any sexual contact with my guests. For this very reason I absolutely refuse to be officially registered as a sex-worker and forced to carry a “prostitute licence” with me at all times.

Another important issue is that, as a result of the new law, I am no longer able to guarantee my guests’ privacy, and this is also completely unacceptable. My slaves have always been able to enjoy complete trust in me, but how can they continue to do so if I am no longer able to guarantee their anonymity? Because of all these unacceptable requirements, I have been forced to decide how to continue.

More positively, however, the end of my activities in Germany doesn’t mean that I will stop completely. My love of SM will always beat strongly in my heart. And, fortunately, I am not bound to any city nor land, so I have decided to move back to Belgium. This will take time. First I have to find a suitable house, then I will need to move, make myself at home, and finally furnish the new dungeons. I will make a further announcement on my Website and Facebook page just as soon as encounters are available again.

I will leave all of this with my head held high. Bowing down to the new law would mean acting against my principles and selling my pride. And this I will never do. On the one hand, I am deeply saddened, as I had so many intense sessions here. On the other hand I cannot betray my principles, betray myself just because of bureaucratic madness. Every domina here in Germany will now need to make her own decision, and I have made mine.

I want to thank all my guests for all of the thrilling, and also formative experiences we have had. One door will close forever, but another one will open new ways.

DRESDEN   Isolation longterm-special!

More details you can find in Specials.