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July 2019   I'm on holiday till the 28 July. Answers to mails will be delayed.
    NEW: Alone in the dark - Special
16/12/2018   1. If you want to make me a present for christmas, currently I'm most happy about vouchers for Killstar (UK shop only!) and Amazon. You find both in my list in the section Madame .

2. New pictures added in my gallery.
24/07/2018   I created an instagram account. Slaves, you can follow me there for picture uploads and special announcements. You can easily find me under my name.
June 2018   Sessions are possible in Belgium.

1. I did a general overhaul on my website. Added some new and important notes. I give you the clear advice to read all good before contacting me!

Especially I want to refer to my additional notes in the section Encounters! There are more and more mails incoming explicitly based on the motto "higher - faster - further" and I also have increasingly to deal with individuals (wether top or sub), whose only goal is to be the most extreme one on earth. I'm not willing to allow this trend to pass without a comment.

2. Still valid: I will not response to applications, which directly show me, that you didn't take the time to deal with my principles, passions and taboos!

3. New Specials added.

4. Some words concerning gifts:

Of course it's kind, if you want to make me a present. But: NO FLOWERS anymore! I've two "flower addicted" cats, so this doesn't make any sense.