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I can ship your personal object of desire discreetly packaged to you or I give it to you personally during a session.
Send me your request by Mail.

You have an extraordinary desire? Dare to ask me!


All of my pics which you can see in my gallery are possible to have as prints in different sizes as poster, canvas, framed etc.
Also available with my signature.


Would you like to taste my champagne, spit or... some dirty chocolate? Ask me!
It's the perfect flavor experience.

It's possible to integrate these delicacies in a forced-feeding session via webcam.
You will feel my scrutiny on your skin - there is no way out, you have to swallow!

Madame's Potpourri

Stinky socks, worn pantyhose, used toilet paper or tissues and other exklusive pieces.
It's an aquired taste, a pleasure for all your senses.