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Further information to all specials you can get by Mail.


Houseslave training

The desire is burning … you want to experience real slave life, find your place at my feet?

You want to be mine? You want to know what it means to serve me all day long? Taking care of all house work and,
of course, clean my shoes. Massaging my feet, give your best to be a good personal servant.

I will give you the opportunity. Be a real slave, be my slave!

Possible in SM Bahnhof: 4 / 6 / 24 hours, special price.

Also possible without heavy pain - so if you're a complete submissive slave, no need to worry.


Isolation Special

6-24 hours | isolation | unbreakable chains

I will force you in a predicamt and there will be no way out. Left in the dark, alone with your fears, you will learn what it means to be mine!

Longtime-sessions with imprisonment

You can surrender yourself between 6 and 48 hours. I will lock the door, there is no escape for you. I will do whatever I want to do. The possibilities are wide and my mind is full of ideas how to torture you. Be my slave, damn me, revel and suffer. Overcome your fear, your disgust and your false pride.